JDS Security is pleased to announce that we now have our Motor Escort Services Team. We offer top quality escort services from funeral home escorts to traffic control, VIP and dignitary escorts as well as other venues that may require such services throughout the San Diego and surrounding areas. You will be pleased to know that our Motor team has a high level of training to meet your expectations. Additionally our standards are far superior from our competitors; our services come with the best-trained and skilled traffic control officers in southern California. So that we can get you or your family members safely, where you need to be without compromising your safety.

JDS Security prides itself on its safety record. We currently have 10 riders, each selected by our owners, for attentive, mature and competent motor escort skills. JDS Motor Escort riders have an average of 3 years of escort experience; our core team has almost twice that. Each rider must have completed and Experienced Motorcycle Rider Course. Most have completed 2 to 4 day advanced motor skills class. Most of our officers have completed the California DOT traffic control certification.

JDS Security holds staff meetings every month. Where we review recent deployments, exceptional events and hold peer reviews. Additionally our policy and procedure are reviewed and adjusted to meet our everyday demands that we may encounter. Each escort has a commander who plans the route with the least amount of impact on traffic, assigns duties, coordinates with the officers, and gives radio orders while en route. We hold a debriefing after each escort to discuss the completed escort and any safety issues.

JDS Motor Escort Service provides professional, uniformed motor escorts to clients in Southern California Area. We are committed to excellence and professionalism, virtually assuring you peace of mind. Your procession will be escorted in a professional, safe, and timely manner. While assuring you that we will have no interruptions.

We offer neatly uniformed escort riders with motorcycles equipped with an array of lighting. Our professional escort service is available for funerals, VIP and Dignitary escorts along with other venues that may require such services. Providing you high visibility, allowing the entire procession to arrive in a safely and timely manner. When weather and road conditions are favorable. However, unfortunately there are days when operating a motorcycle is unsafe and just not practical.

On these days we offer fully loaded Ford Crown Victoria’s police interceptors. For safety, the vehicle is equipped with a full roof light bar with full length traffic advisor on rear deck for interstate traffic, four-point strobes, wig-wag headlights and a 100 Watt audible alert sound system.

JDS Security  is fully insured and bonded; all of its Traffic Officers are highly trained in a similar fashion to Law Enforcement Motorcycle Officers.