The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) has some very specific regulations regarding the training of security guards. The regulations are designed to improve skill levels and professionalism in the industry and provide a baseline of skill sets for security personnel. Differing levels of training are required dependent on the responsibilities the individual will have while on the job. The state requires that certificates of completion are issued for each course, or series of courses, an individual completes from a licensed institution.

There are three broad areas of training for security guards as outlined by the BSIS. They include Power to Arrest, Mandatory Training, and Elective Training. The courses and time requirements contained in each area are as follows:


A. Powers to Arrest – 4 Hours

B. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) & Terrorism Awareness – 4 Hours


A. Public Relations (Community & Customer) 4 Hours

B. Observation & Documentation 4 Hours

C. Communication and its Significance 4 Hours

D. Liability / Legal Aspects 4 Hours


A. Post Orders & Assignments 4 Hrs. Maximum

B. Employer Policies / Orientation 4 Hrs. Maximum

C. Evacuation Procedures 2 Hrs. Maximum

D. Officer Safety 4 Hrs. Maximum

E. Arrests, Search & Seizure (more advanced than Power To Arrest course) 4 Hrs. Maximum

F. Access Control 2 Hrs. Maximum

G. Trespass 4 Hrs. Maximum

H. Laws, Codes, Regulations and Ordinances 2 Hrs. Maximum

I. First Aid / CPR 4 Hrs. Maximum

J. Handling Difficult People 4 Hrs. Maximum

K. Work Place Violence 4 Hrs. Maximum

L. Chemical Agents 4 Hrs. Maximum

M. Preserving the Incident Scene 4 Hrs. Maximum

N. Crowd Control 4 Hrs. Maximum

O. Driver Safety 4 Hrs. Maximum

P. Supervision 4 Hrs. Maximum

Q. Courtroom Demeanor 4 Hrs. Maximum

R. Parking / Traffic Control 2 Hrs. Maximum

S. Radio Procedures 2 Hrs. Maximum

T. BSIS’s Certified Course in Firearms Training 8 Hrs. Maximum

U. BSIS’s Certified Course in Baton Training 4 Hrs. Maximum

V. School Security Guard Training
(In compliance with Bureau Developed Training Syllabus) 8 Hrs. Maximum

W. Introduction to Executive Protection 4 Hrs. Maximum

X. Annual Firearms Requalification 4 Hrs. Maximum

Y. Fire Safety Course 4 Hrs. Maximum

Z. Course in the Use of a Stun Gun or Air Taser 4 Hrs. Maximum

In addition, there are a series of continuing education courses that are available for security professionals. These ongoing training courses keep professional updated with the latest training, techniques, and regulations.

Professional Security Training in San Diego, CA

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