When it comes to event safety, you want to plan ahead for any contingency and ensure a smooth event experience. That means proper planning, threat assessments, coordination of security, and thorough screening procedure, just to name a few steps. If you want to ensure the safety of your guests, here are 6 great tips to implement at your next big event.

Turn To An Expert

Working with security professionals is often the first step you should take for any event you’re planning. They can provide you guidance, analysis, and help you preemptively spot and handle threats. Make sure your security professional pick is properly insured and vetted to ensure you get someone with the right experience.

A security professional can also set up emergency plans, organize a team of security workers with the right background checks and experience, and help identify local police, fire, and medical services that can be involved with an event in the case of an emergency.

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Proper Event Assessment And Planning

Before every event you should have a security expert analyze the security risk of your event based on factors like venue, attendees, event capacity, and what kind of event you’re hosting. Certain events will be assigned a “high-risk” or “low-risk” profile based on a variety of these factors. From there, your security professional can plan for contingencies like assigning extra security or putting in additional screening procedures.

At the same time, you should be planning all entry and exits points for the event, and security staff should learn about what their roles will be during the event.

Handling Parking And Transportation

The event isn’t the only place you want secure. Security personnel should also be involved in planning and coordinating transportation for your guests to and from your venue. They may also want to assess the security of the hotels guests are staying at. These security experts can also help secure locations like your parking lot before guests enter an event.

Proper Screening

Guests should all be screened, have clear credentials, and be matched against a guest list if the event has one. Staff at the event should also have clear identity credentials that help your security team know they are actual staff. All vendors and their staff should be screened as well, which will help stop intruders who may be posing as a staff members and ensure no staff member represents a threat.

High-Level Security

In situations where you have high profile events, you may need to enlist additional personal security protection for specific guests, such as executives or celebrities. In many cases, these VIPs will require special access or escorts that provide an extra layer of security. In some cases, you may need security that goes the extra mile, such as K-9 searches before an event takes place.

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Ensure Proper Medical Support

For large events, it’s often smart to have medical staff on hand who can help in the case of heart attack, accidents, food allergies, and other unplanned for events. It’s all about keeping attendees safe no matter what happens.

You want peace of mind when hosting your event, we live in a world where security and safety have become threatened by those who live amongst us. Contact us today at 619.781.8694 for a free quote for your next San Diego event, we got you covered.