In recent year’s crimes against HOA communities, Apartment complexes and high rise towers have been steadily increasing. Attempts of vandalism and theft are on the rise and they are not always motivated by greed. To protect these communities and their tenants against these attacks, JDS Security can provide on a very short notice service of security specialists trained to prevent and/or contain such events.

JDS Security redefines the role of security — both corporate and private — in an intense, sometimes unsettling environment, in which success and safety are increasingly at risk. A small, specialized firm based in San Diego California, JDS Security delivers security with speed, flexibility and with customized detail. JDS Security creates effective and responsive security protection programs without the bureaucracy, frustrations and layers of hierarchy that often bedevil business with large security firms.

JDS Security will never offer a client a prefabricated security program. Our mission is to craft for each client a unique security plan, one that begins by analyzing every aspect of the client’s area of concern, assessing risk and creating effective contingencies. Our clients rightly insist on the best and most rewarding return on their “investment” in JDS Security.

We begin with you — your concerns, your needs, and your desire to feel safe, confident and productive. Our job is to listen to you, to understand you in the context of your professional and/or private spheres and then take the necessary steps to ensure that your world is as secure as you wish it to be.

Security — it’s the job of JDS Security to take it personally….

Our staff are constantly training so that they stay consistent and working on a regular basis to maintain the edge on crime. JDS Security is a Small Business Entity and Disabled American Veteran owned and operated business, training all their officers in tactics used by our military. JDS Security is highly recognized in the field of Training all of our instructors have been trained through the U.S Training Center, Military schools, and have in the past been assigned to provide protection for The President of high profile companies, Presidents / Vice President of Fortune 500 companies, State Officials, International Executives, and Celebrities. Additionally, our instructors have been assigned to teach foreign law enforcement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have personnel who are trained in your day to day tactics as well as information gathering. These services are available around the clock throughout the Southern California area and beyond. We also have the ability to readily secure what we are assigned, and work inconspicuously with all the clients assets that we are assigned to protect. For more information please feel free to call us at 619.781.8694.