As 2015 came to a close, there were 23 shootings on college campuses for the year. Additionally, there were 29 other shootings on other school campuses for the year. If it seems you are hearing about shootings on school grounds just about every week, you are. Since the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook, there have been 149 shootings at schools.

School campuses aren’t the only scenes of the uptick in violence. Of the 24,000 reported cases of workplace violence between 2010 and 2013, nearly three-quarters occurred in hospital/healthcare facilities and in social work settings. In spite of these numbers, armed security is still barred from some campuses, including some right here in the San Diego, CA area.

Struggling for Answers

While mental healthcare professionals search for long term solutions, politicians and law enforcement continue to struggle to find answers. Meanwhile, school and hospital officials are left to their own devices to protect themselves, their employees, students and patients. Many are turning to private security firms for a variety of services.

Private security firms can not only actually improve on campus security, they serve another very important service. Adding or improving security demonstrates due diligence on the part of the school or hospital. Should an incident occur, this can be critical in any post-violence legal action against the institution.

Forms of Campus Security

Whether it is a medical or school campus, security generally is available in three broad categories.

Consulting and Training

This form of security brings an expert’s point of view to campus to make specific recommendation in physical and strategic security steps. They can also train management and staff in taking appropriate steps should a security issue arrive. It can include use of technology like mass notifications when an event occurs.

Unarmed Security

Even an unarmed security presence can reduce the threat of on-campus violence. It can also have the additional benefit of reducing other on campus crime including vandalism. This visibility of live security personnel is a significant deterrence.

Armed Security

Where it is allowable by law, armed security is becoming increasingly popular. It perhaps, provides the highest level of security available today. Armed security guards go through more extensive training and are better prepared to deal with more violent offenders.

Taking Steps Appropriate for You

School and hospital boards and administrators should take appropriate steps in improving security. Every situation is different and getting the help of outside professionals can not only improve security, but it can provide better peace of mind. If improving security has not been a topic for your school or medical campus, the numbers indicate it should be.

If you need assistance in assessing and improving the security on your San Diego, CA area healthcare or school campus, contact JDS Security. We are experienced in event security, residential and commercial security as well as executive security guarding. We look forward to securing your future.