You know, there is depth to being a security guard. This is not just about standing in front of the grocery store. There are some outstanding jobs within security. Getting to those advanced places is also not along the standard path. Sure, there are requirements for becoming a security guard, and those vary from state to state. Those requirements demand primarily the basics of standing in front of a grocery store. If you want more out of your career than just the basics, then be prepared to improve your skill set. Every company wants something different. Be the difference!

Basic Step 1: Determine your state’s requirements for being a guard

This is the basic platform from which you can leap. California’s security guard requirements are here: CA Security Guard Requirements for Registration.

How high you leap depends on the following….

Advancing Step 2: Determine the level of guard career that you want to obtain

An example would be whether or not you desire to carry a firearm or if you want to be in a position where physical guarding requires hands-on capabilities. Another variation would be personal bodyguard or corporate guard.

Basic Step 3. Choose a security guard program

Everyone starts at square one. This is not a bad thing, its just the first step on what can be an exciting journey. Choose well! The program you choose will offer basic training and classroom preparation as required by the state in which you live. A good program will offer more advanced training, such as specialization in observation, logic and critical thinking and report writing. Learn more about JDS Security’s San Diego based security training here.

Advancing Step 4: Consider a Criminal Justice degree

Education is always an excellent investment. Security guard degrees are no exception to that rule. Upper-level positions will most likely require a degree. Being a guard is not just about physical protection or presence. There are other things that you can guard such as information. Consider adding to your criminal justice degree with a minor in technology and security.

Advancing Step 5: Physical training

One of the requirements of most guard positions is physical capabilities. Outside of education you can begin to train to become physically fit. Whether that means joining a gym or tackling physical fitness as a DIY routine, it will benefit your career.

Special training in the armed forces can also benefit your guard career immensely. Specialized training such as SEAL training will open up doors for you within the upper level of the guard spectrum. Congratulations you just entered the arena for spy vs. spy.

We’ve just barely touched on the excitement that can be the life of a security guard. All of these basic steps will move you in the right direction, but for true satisfaction, try the advanced steps.

You can learn more about the FAQ’s of being a security guard on our security training page here: JDS Security Training Packages and FAQ’s. Contact Danny Garcia directly at 619.781.8694 or email for any other questions.